The Difference Between Running & Flying • The Art of Touch & The Science of Biomechanics

The main objective at IET is to decrease dysfunction and bring the horse up to and maintain optimal function on the racetrack or the show ring.  Proper body mechanics allows the horse to become part of his own exercise program.  In most cases for competition there will be an immediate positive experience, some cases depending on the type and duration of the dysfunction, may take a little longer and in some cases there may be no improvement, which is rare and in those cases the lack of positive response may have something to do with other issues which may need vet care.   IET is not a replacement for prudent vet care.

    Once we have improved body mechanics, muscle, nerve fibers and blood vessels (circulation) will be functioning more efficiently.  Combine this with proper exercise specific to the event and proper nutrition, then circulation becomes optimal to all the systems, bones, muscles, nerves, heart and lungs which will combine for a stronger, quicker, more agile and alert athletic horse, which will become safer to ride and more eager to perform his specific sport.